This is difficult, since text% and everything on top of it is
unfortunately rather slow and complex. My best advice is to limit
or structure the amount of information displayed by the program, since
the end user (including you) is likely even slower in parsing the
information than racket is displaying it.

Also, if you use your own text% instance or class, don't forget to use
begin-edit-sequence and end-edit-sequence whenever this is appropriate.

As for the long delays when killing the test program from the IDE, this
is a DrRacket internal issue that someone else would need to answer. If
it annoys you a lot, you can temporarily switch to Emacs +
racket-mode and only use DrRacket for debugging and profiling. That's
what I do for various reasons.

On Mon, 24 Jul 2017 21:45:17 -0700 (PDT)
Lehi Toskin <> wrote:

> I have noticed that printing in DrRacket is rather slow and I'm
> wondering if that's something I could speed up. If I have a loop that
> runs and prints a whole lot of information each loop, were I to
> become overwhelmed and click the Stop button, it would take a minute
> or so before my wishes made it through to the program.

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