Empirically it seems to be 8-byte words?

Unless I made a mistake:

    #lang at-exp racket/base

    (require racket/format)

    (define (current-custodian-memory-use)
      (for ([_ (in-range 3)]) (collect-garbage))
      (current-memory-use (current-custodian)))

    (define (f v)
      (parameterize ([current-thread-initial-stack-size v]
                     [current-custodian (make-custodian)])
        (define ch (make-channel))
         (λ ()
           (channel-put ch (current-custodian-memory-use))))
        (channel-get ch)))

    (f 1024) ;=> 12944
    (f 2048) ;=> 21136
    (f 4096) ;=> 37520

    (define (diff v1 v2)
      (define f1 (f v1))
      (define f2 (f v2))
      @~a{Initial stack sizes of @v1 and @v2
          seem to consume @f1 and @f2 bytes respectively.
          Diff in stack sizes is @(- v2 v1).
          Diff in memory is @(- f2 f1).
          Factor is @(/ (- f2 f1) (- v2 v1)) bytes.})

    (displayln (diff 2048 4096))
    ;; Initial stack sizes of 2048 and 4096
    ;; seem to consume 21136 and 37520 bytes respectively.
    ;; Diff in stack sizes is 2048.
    ;; Diff in memory is 16384.
    ;; Factor is 8 bytes.

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