On Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 05:07:41PM -0400, James wrote:
I'm trying out Rackterm for the purpose of running commands put together from a 
GUI but it looks like the thread is crashing as soon as I try to create a 
terminal canvas.  Is it something I am not doing right or is there a bug?  I am 
able to run rackterm/xterm without error and that contains very similar code.

Here's my code:

#lang racket

(require racket/gui

(define frame (new frame% [label "Example"]
                  (width 800)
                  (height 800)

(send frame show #t)

(define my-term (new terminal-canvas%
                   [parent frame]
                   [font-size 14]
                   [font-name "Courier"]
                   [term-var "rackterm"]
                   [command-and-args '("ls -lh")]
                   [set-title-callback (lambda (title) (send frame set-label 
                   [horiz-margin 2]
                   [vert-margin 2]

The terminal window appears and then immediately closes with the following 
error message:

"The evaluation thread is no longer running, so no evaluation can take place 
until the next execution.

Exited successfully."

Well, this is caused by my not having actually cleaned up the code for it to be 
used in any sort of general way, rather than specifically only by my one xterm 
(hence terminal canvas is still in the private directory).  But there is a 
`handle-subproc-ended` method that I put a TODO in to make it configurable, but 
currently just kills the canvas, because usually you want an xterm to close 
when the shell inside it exits.  But you could make a subclass that overrides 
that method, or even better, improve my bad code and send a pull request.  Or 
eventually I'll fix things up and release them properly.

Also '("ls -lh") should be '("ls" "-lh").

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