On Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 11:56:37 PM UTC-4, Jack Firth wrote:
> On Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 9:11:47 AM UTC-7, Brian Adkins wrote:
> > I'm considering having a group of programmers create micro-services in 
> > various programming languages to be glued together into a single 
> > application. I would like a communication mechanism with the following 
> > characteristics:
> > 
> > * More efficient than HTTP
> Unfortunately Racket doesn't have an HTTP/2 implementation, or I would 
> recommend that. Could you elaborate on your efficiency requirements? It's 
> possible a proxy that handled HTTP/2 connections could work for you and I 
> suspect that would be much simpler than trying to make your own APIs atop a 
> lower-level messaging protocol like ZeroMQ.

This is more of an experiment in a ridiculously distributed application to 
allow people to use their favorite programming language w/o a shared VM such as 
JVM, CLR or Erlang. So, ideally, the latency would be as low as possible.

For a toy experiment, HTTP would be fine, and would probably even perform 
"reasonably" well with a small load, but I was curious about how far things 
could be pushed with respect to micro services.

It may be that a simple TCP protocol is the way to go with a simple 
serialization mechanism.

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