On 09/07/2017 12:11 PM, Brian Adkins wrote:
I'm considering having a group of programmers create micro-services in various 
programming languages to be glued together into a single application. I would 
like a communication mechanism with the following characteristics:

* Already supported by Racket, or relatively trivial to add
* More efficient than HTTP
* Nicer to program than raw sockets

Someone suggested ZeroMQ, so I searched for support in Racket and found 4 
packages, but 3 of them have failing tests, and I *think* two of them comprise 
a single logical package, so one of the two has failing tests.

The package server lists them as having failing tests because the machine it runs on does not have libzmq installed, and none of the packages has done the somewhat complicated remedy. The zeromq-r tests succeed on my machine.

Has anyone had success with any of the ZeroMQ packages?

As the author of zeromq-r, I recommend zeromq-r :) It's got basic tests and it's used by the iracket package. On the other hand, it's only a month or two old, so there are probably some untested corners.


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