I've been noticing some strange binding arrows in DrRacket when using #lang
web-server. In the following (obviously contrived) example, hovering over
the first use of `term` shows an arrow to the second use, hovering over the
second use of `term` shows an arrow from the first use and an arrow to the
third use, and hovering over the third use shows an arrow from the second

Changing the language to `#lang web-server/insta` shows the arrows I'd
expect: A binds B and C.

#lang web-server

(define (start term) ;; A
   (λ (embed/url)
     `(p (a ([href ,(embed/url (λ (req) (displayln term)))] ;; B
             [class "search-results-csv"]
             [download ,(string-append term "-search-results.csv")]) ;; C
            "Save Results " (i "(.csv)"))))))

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