The thing is I don't have any problems with other applications, they all 
look good. The gray lines (or "boxes") seems to appear only in DrRacket, 
mainly when some part of text is selected (i.e. when it's background is 
gray) - the irritating lines shows in moment when I move cursor from the 
grayed line to the next line.
I know that those lines don't appear when I change DPI back to 100% (I 
already tried that), but I really want to leave my DPI setting to 125% 
because of other applications (if I do, everything is too small - i found 
125% works best for me).

Best regards,
Jaroslaw Modry 

On Monday, September 11, 2017 at 10:24:25 AM UTC+2, Luis Sanjuán wrote:
> I really think it is caused by your dpi. Maybe you are suffering from 
> other similar annoyances too like pixelated icons. Check with no scaling, 
> if things work fine, it is nothing related to DrRacket, and artifacts like 
> those you mention could appear on other apps too. You have still several 
> options, though, to get readable text without tweaking scaling. Maybe you 
> can investigate about updates of your graphic drivers for your OS. Another 
> good option is to use a lower resolution for your display.
> I have recently fixed exactly the same problem on my Linux 13.3'' laptop 
> by doing the latter, in particular by adding a resolution of 1600x900. It 
> wasn't detected by default but on Linux we can create custom resolutions 
> with ease.
> On Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 10:22:37 PM UTC+2, 
> wrote:
>> Recently I installed racket 6.10 (Windows version) on my new laptop (OS 
>> is Windows 10 Creators Update) and I noticed strange gray boxes when 
>> writing programs in the DrRacket editor (see picture attached).
>> I assume it's related to my  DPI settings which is set to 125% in the 
>> Display settings dialog, and the resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 which is 
>> equal to real resolution on my 14' laptop screen.
>> Since other apps on the same machine don't exhibit any display problems, 
>> i suppose this is a bug in DrRacket so I report it here in the hope that it 
>> will be resolved in the new version of DrRacket.
>> Best regards,
>> Jaroslaw Modry

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