On Sep 14, 2017, at 3:13 PM, Tony Garnock-Jones wrote:

> I have a library for uPNP and NAT-PMP:
> https://github.com/tonyg/racket-nat-traversal. It's not on the package
> server for lack of round tuits, but it might be of interest. Certainly a
> lot nicer not to have to go for an FFI when a Racket library might be
> able to do the job.

Thanks but we really want ICE (STUN and TURN) and not something that configures 
exceptions in firewalls.  Part of the reason is that a lot of people and small 
businesses, rightly, disable these services in their broadband routers for 
security reasons.   The other thing is that we need to be able to work with 
people who have a NAT layer in an institutional setting like a university LAN.  


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