In strings, xexpr->xml converts "<>&” into &lt;, etc. I’m sure this was 
well-intentioned, but in my use of web-server, I use javascript scripts through 
the (script “…”) form.  In loop tests such as “i < n”, Javascript does not grok 
the transformed text “i &lt; n”.  I tried workarounds for as long as I could 
(e.g, using the “for key in lst” style of loops), but I reached the end of the 
line when I wanted to change the contents of a table cell using “cell.innerHTML 
= ‘<div …>’.

But now I have to ask, is there a good way to make this change? In 
…xml/private/writer.rkt there’s this:

(define escape-table #px"[<>&]”)

Would it make sense to rebind escape-table while inside a (script …) element, 
or would this screw up something else?


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