When gtk2 libraries are in use and the system text is scaled (in my case by a 
1.25 factor) images rendered on DrRacket appear distorted, with blurred borders 
or tearing as in this picture:


It is an artifact. The circle was generated via `2htdp/image`. I'm barely 
familiar with the underlying `racket/draw`, but I can reproduce the same result 
with this more low-level code:

(define target (make-bitmap 400 400))
(define dc (new bitmap-dc% [bitmap target]))
(make-object image-snip% target)

(send dc set-pen "blue" 1 'solid)
(send dc set-smoothing 'aligned)
(send dc draw-ellipse 0 0 400 400)

At first glance it is not hardware-related since I get the same result in 
different computers with different processors and graphic cards, one where the 
last gtk3 libraries are probably not installed and the another one where I call 
drracket with `PLT_GTK2` enabled.

Interestingly, the artifact disappears if I apply `make-screen-bitmap` instead 
of `make-bitmap` in the first line.

I wonder whether this kind of artifact or the code that triggers it may have 
something to do with the issue discussed here:


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