Thanks very much.
A nice and clear answer.
May be I can insert tagged elements and elemrefs in code:comment escaping with 
in order to provide links to definitions in previous examples.
I'll try that later.
Thanks again, Jos


From: Ben Greenman [] 
Sent: domingo, 24 de septiembre de 2017 6:45
To: Jos Koot
Cc: Racket Users
Subject: Re: [racket-users] repeated code in interactions of scribble

You can re-use helper functions by running the different example blocks with 
the same evaluator (example below). 

I don't know how to hyperlink one interaction to another.

- - -

#lang scribble/manual

@(define my-eval (make-base-eval))


@examples[#:eval my-eval
  (define (plus2 n)
    (+ 2 n))
  (plus2 0)
  (plus2 1)


@examples[#:eval my-eval
  (define (plus4 n)
    (plus2 (plus2 n)))
  (plus4 0)


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