The docs for "How do I use Apache with the Racket Web Server?" demonstrate how 
to set up proxying between Apache and the Racket web server within an .htaccess 
file. [1] 

That technique works. But only with ordinary HTTP. AFAICT it does not work for 

What's the best way to make this work over HTTPS? 

Here's the wrinkle I can't figure out: I have Let's Encrypt certs applied to 
the main server. I can feed these to the Racket web server, which will start 
up, but then the certs won't work on 'localhost' references.

You could say: well why not put the Racket web server at the top level. OK, but 
then it's no longer behind Apache. 

I suppose I could put up a whole separate server, call it "", and 
run the Racket web server at the top level. Then get new Let's Encrypt certs 
for that server. Then proxy between the original and this one. Maybe that would 
work, though it seems like overkill.


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