Hi all,

Problem: I want to generate many documents from a source template (of which 
only a few small parts change, from doc to doc) and many groups of values. 
Ideally I’d like to be able to write files like this:

*** template ***
  @(for/list ([item my-list]) (li item))

*** list source file A ***
this is item 1A
this is item 2A

*** list source file B ***
this is item 1B
this is item 2B

*** end ***

(I’m simplifying — among other things, multiple variables/lists are involved, 
and there’s some sorting/filtering of the lists — but that’s the crux of it.) 
Essentially, the template is a function from the list my-list to a document. 
Implicit in the above examples is the idea that I should somehow be able to do 
an equivalent of

        (require "my-template-file")
        (my-template '("this is item 1A" "this is item 2A”))

Can I use some part of the Scribble ecosystem to accomplish this, or am I 
barking up the wrong tree here?


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