When my pl `define-type` thing is used in drr, there are three problems
that would be nice to fix:

1. In a `define-type`, the variant names are shown as the predicates
   that are not actually visible to user code.  For example:

       (define-type FOO
         [Foo Number])

   when I hover over `Foo`, the tooltip shows `(-> Any Boolean : Foo)`
   but that's a description of the underlying struct predicate, which is
   not visible.  It should really show the type of the resulting
   constructor (which is the thing that gets bound to `Foo`).

   (The implementation of `define-type` is the first part of
   "pl/lang/datatype.rkt" in my repo, which can be seen here too:

2. Hovering over these variant names in `cases` doesn't show any binding

3. The tooltips show the types in the prefix-ish style, and it would be
   nice if it used the `type-output-sexpr-tweaker` thing too to make
   things more consistent.

Any suggestions?

                   ((x=>x(x))(x=>x(x)))                  Eli Barzilay:
                   http://barzilay.org/                  Maze is Life!

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