The link-exists? function will tell me that something is a symlink.
How do I tell what it's pointing to?

I'm writing code that must move data from one computer to another, and
I need a way to say "create the file here and put the data in it" vs
"create a symlink here that points to a file over there and put the
data in the file"

I've been through the Filesystem[1] docs, which offer:

link-exists?   ; Is it a link?

file-or-directory-identity (with as-link? #t) ; get the identity of a
file, which can prove that a link isn't the same as the file that it
points to, but doesn't help me find the target

find-executable-file can track through a chain of links so presumably
there is some way to do it.  Various other functions (e.g. copy-file)
also can distinguish between links and not-links.

A general search of the docs yields a lot of hits to html- and
collection-related things, but nothing that seems to solve my problem.


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