I hope this is an easy question for someone.  I started a new foo package:

  raco pkg new foo

I put my functions in foo/main.rkt.  I saw a foo/scribblings/ dir, so I 
created a file foo/scribblings/foo.scribl.  I've got a nice little doc file 
in there, which I can preview using:

  cd scribblings
  scribble --html ++xref-in setup/ref load-collections-xref foo.scrbl

I thought I'd be nice and add examples, e.g., (magic) -> 42
Let's just pretend main.rkt has a magic function that produces 42.

My foo/scribblings/foo.scrbl file contains:

  #lang scribble/manual
  @(require scribble/eval "../main.rkt")
  @(define foo-eval (make-base-eval))
  @interaction-eval[#:eval foo-eval (require "../main.rkt")]

I was hoping to see, in the documentation produced, that (magic) produces 
42, but instead I got, in red:

  |  > (magic)
  |  magic: undefined;
  |   cannot reference undefined identifier

I did provide magic in main.rkt, so I'm wondering what I did wrong.


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