> Does a killer app or library sorely need a Racket alternative?

Let me throw out a few things which we would use in our business even if they 
are not the most pressing needs in general.  We have ways to work around these 
things but It would be much nicer to have a Racket native solution.  I have 
numbered the list but they are really in no particular order.  

1. Libsodium - We need to do some sophisticated encryption and web of trust 
stuff.  See earlier comments on this list by Tony Garnock-Jones.

2. ICE NAT traversal - We need to do this and do it well.  Currently we are 
working on using FFI to either PJNATH or libnice.  A pure Racket implementation 
would be great.  It should probably be combined with Tony G's efforts on UPnP 
and NAT-PMP,  https://github.com/tonyg/racket-nat-traversal.  This is an area 
which has suffered greatly from a lack of the right people coming together and 
agreeing on a good standard.  ICE is a method for prioritizing and selecting 
from multiple competing standards which may each be the best choice in 
different circumstances.  UPnP and NAT-PMP are only partial solutions for us 
and we really need STUN and TURN as well.

3. Advanced fountain codes - For example, https://arxiv.org/abs/1605.09125.  I 
haven't seen a Racket native library for basic Reed-Solomon erasure codes 

4. A DSL alternative to GraphViz - see my other message.

5. #lang R or some other method to combine Racket and R - We need to go to R 
for computational work because that's what is trusted in the field.  


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