Okay, this is just what the world needs…another DrRacket GUI suggestion. If it 
makes sense, though, I’d love to help implement it.

If there’s anything that the last 30 years of UI (oh… sorry… UX) design has 
taught us, it’s that people hate to wait, and they REALLY hate to wait when 
they have no sense of progress.

Currently, hitting the DrRacket “run” button can result in substantial 
compilation delay, especially when using Typed Racket.

There are various things that can actually make compilation better.

Alongside this, though, one thing that might make people happier would be to 
provide a short-lived pop-up progress window that tries to indicate the 
progress toward full compilation.

The obvious problem here is that it’s impossible, in general, to predict how 
many files will have to be compiled, and in fact “compilation” is a very 
flexible term in the Racket world. In many cases, opening one file will reveal 
many more that need to be compiled. In fact, it’s essentially a tree 
exploration; I’m not sure there’s a good visualization for this, but it would 
be interesting to try.

Does this sound like an interesting or useful idea?



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