When you're first learning Racket, wanting to contribute to the community is very admirable, but I think your *first* priority should be to get experience with Racket.  I think this prioritization will tend to make you more useful to everyone, sooner.

I suggest getting experience with Racket by making things that you want to make, and playing with language features that you want to understand.

Maybe you want to make a particular GUI app that you'd use, or a syntax extension you find yourself wanting, or a neat string manipulation function that you want for practical use or to see whether it can be done, or a tiling X window manager, or an IRC bot that `PRIVMSG`s nasty dotcom/logger bots that they should feel bad, or an IMAP&SMTP email program (warning: working well with a diversity of servers is much more work than you'd think), or a Racket implementation of your beloved first programming language, or see how you might express concepts from any of your school classes computationally in Racket.  (This is not a list of things to do, but off-the-cuff examples that might spark a line of thought that gets you inspired to something you want to do.  You can understand the problem domain and your requirements, and pursue things that you're inspired to put work into, and keep it fun and rapid for now. Eventually, one or more of the things you make for yourself and learning might turn into something that others also want.)

While you're first learning Racket by using it, it might also be helpful to others if you kept written notes on things that you found confusing.  Eventually, this list might help improve the documentation for others.

Exception: if you're an experienced programmer in some other languages, you might be able to recognize some package you'd like to have that Racket is missing, and to figure out how to get your feet wet with Racket by building a reusable, idiomatic, good-quality package that others will find it useful.

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