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> On 30/10/17 00:18, Alex Harsanyi wrote:
>> You could add ActivityLog2 (https://github.com/alex-hhh/ActivityLog2) to
>> that list (Disclaimer: I am the author).
>> If you want to try out the application and need some data files to
>> import, you can find some in the "test/test-data" folder.  Just make
>> sure you select "All Days" in the "Activities" view, as by default, it
>> only shows activities from the last 30 days.
> From a fellow triathlete... I am _very_ impressed with the amount of
> work you have put into ActivityLog2. It would be great to abstract the
> FIT file parser into a lib on its own. :)

There is an issue for that:
https://github.com/alex-hhh/ActivityLog2/issues/19, but it is not high
on my priority list.

> I could certainly use that. Currently doing FIT->TCX and parsing that in
> order to avoid creating a FIT file parser.

The FIT file parser is just 4 files, you can just take these files and
use them directly.  They are:

* rkt/fit-file.rkt
* rkt/fit-defs.rkt
* rkt/activity-util.rkt
* rkt/utilities.rkt -- this last one is only needed for the `assq1`
function, so you can just use that one function and remove this

There is also a short note on how to read the FIT files in the
'doc/fit-read.md' file (and how to read the HRV data in the
`doc/hrv-notes.md` file).

However, if you just want to analyze your data, it might be more
convenient to actually import your activities into the database and
read them back out as data frames -- there are lots of utilities to
analyze and plot the data, the 'doc/data-frame.md' provides an
overview of how to use them and 'doc/session-df.md' describes the
structure of a session data frame.

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