Hi David,

On 11/13/2017 3:14 PM, David Van Horn wrote:
I have a student who is has a strange problem that is preventing him
from using DrRacket.

When he opens DrRacket, it goes through the launch window, all the
tools load, etc., but then when the main DrRacket window should
appear, it doesn't.  Or rather it does, but not somewhere visible or

There's a DrRacket icon on the taskbar, indicating it's running, and
if you hover over it, it shows a preview of the DrRacket window, but
clicking on it does not bring it up.

If he opens a saved file from the filesystem, you can see in the
preview that the file has been opened in the inaccessbile DrRacket

He's tried restarting, uninstalling/reinstalling Racket, but gets the
same issue.

Any ideas how to resolve this?  (Sorry I haven't used Windows in many
years, so I really don't know how to help.)


I've seen this behavior before - though not for a very long time. It used to happen rather frequently in Win3 and Win9x.

If the window is there but simply off the screen, you can try (emphasis on "try") to move it back on screen.

 * first, make sure DrRacket is the only application open.
 * select the task bar icon to make sure you are in the window.
 * press ALT-Space to open the window's system menu.
 * press the down arrow once to select "move".
 * press enter to start the move operation.
 * press the right arrow and down arrow a couple of times each.

At this point ... if it is going to work ... you should see (at least) the outline of the window at the upper left corner of the screen (whether you see any content depends on Windows user preferences).  Once you see the outline, you should then be able to move the mouse (don't press any buttons) and the window's outline should follow where the mouse is pointing.

Once you get the window's title bar on screen, you can fix the size and position - and hopefully it won't happen again for a while.

If this doesn't help, then I'm out of ideas.

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