>> It looks very nice, but as a side effect slightly exacerbates a
>> long-standing ergonomic issue with cross-links in the side-notes:

Like Daniel mentioned, I click the bold one by mistake. A lot.

> I agree, but in that case the bold styling is attached to "The Racket
> Reference" within the HTML markup, so AFAICT it is impervious to any CSS
> override.

The following example hack _seems_ to clear the "impervious" hurdle?

  a.Sq span { font-weight: normal !important}

<small>I'm not a CSS guru. This barely clears the "it works" hurdle.
That is, I don't know if the "Sq" class is reliable as a parent
selector. Also this doesn't bold the other link (but at least now
they're equally non-bold).</small>

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