This link demos some small typographic updates to the docs:

+ new title font (that matches the one used on other Racket websites)
+ new monospaced font (that matches the subhead font)
+ some technical tweaks to the body font to make Windows rendering better
+ 20% smaller font download 

If something looks wrong, I welcome bug reports. But here's the kind of bug 
report most likely to move me to action: email me* a screen shot of the problem 
page, and also a comparable page on so I understand how 
they both look on YOUR machine. 

In the past, people have liked to send me novelistic reports like "well MB, if 
you look at the docs on a Google Antitrustbook Mini running Debian Ultraluxe 
2014 with the Squealing MocoLoco browser ..." At which point I slide out of my 
chair, unconscious. All I need are the screenshots. Really. Thank you.

PS Or make a GH issue 

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