> BUT, one could easily imagine an extension to the unit testing framework 
> where inner tests work, too. With a combination of coverage and unit 
> testing, you can usually get these inner unit tests to run and record their 
> status the same way outer ones do in module+. Pyret, for example, does 
> exactly this, so we should be able to do it too.

Looking at Pyret, you're referring to the "where" syntax right? So this:

fun sum(l):
  cases (List) l:
    | empty => 0
    | link(first, rest) => first + sum(rest)
  sum([list: ]) is 0
  sum([list: 1, 2, 3]) is 6

...means that the "where" body is composed of tests of the `sum` function. 
I like this a lot and want it for Racket (in a way that's more direct than 
submodules). But I have no idea how it should work for nested functions 
that close over variables of the outer function. Would the tests specify 
the closure bindings maybe?

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