As an example, this prints twoonethree:

#lang scribble/base

@(printf "one")
@(printf foo)
@(define foo (begin (printf "two") "three"))

Context: I'm using Scribble to generate an exam, and I have some uses of 
(set-random-seed) on the first few lines to set state for shuffling 
question order later.

Bafflingly, it appeared to be set in between innocuous code much later down 
in the file that defined the choices to be randomized.

It turns out I had changed from just writing the question out below to 
writing it with (define question @list{ ... }), which caused the change in 

Is this intended behavior? It seems odd to me, but maybe there's a good 
reason I'm not seeing.

The corresponding code in racket/base tries to evaluate foo and produces an 

Joe P

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