> What's the best way around this?

Install Racket v6.11. Then `raco pkg install plai-typed` should just work.

> Why isn't raco finding the appropriate versions?

When raco installed plai-typed, it (1) saw that plai-typed was not
installed and (2) searched on pkgs.racket-lang.org and (3) downloaded
the most recent version.

When raco tried to update scribble, it (1) saw that scribble was
installed and (2) looked at its "source of truth" for scribble for
updates. The "source of truth" is the Racket 6.3 release catalog.
That's why the update couldn't find anything beyond 1.12

You can give scribble a new source of truth with `raco pkg update
--catalog https://pkgs.racket-lang.org scribble`. But that command
will probably fail because Scribble 1.26 probably depends on something
from Racket 6.11 that wasn't in Racket 6.3

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