Looks to me like DrR is leaking… windows. 


On up-to-date DrR (just rebuilt from repo, version, 
pretty much up-to-date OS X (10.13.1 (17B1003)), I notice something very 
strange. I’ve seen it on two computers, so I think it should be reproducible on 
any computer:

1) Open a DrR Window, nice and big.
2) Grab the right edge of the window, and slowly drag it to the left, shrinking 
the window horizontally. Watch the area of the GC box.
3) You should see a little trail of white left behind the lower right corner of 
the window.
4) After about 1.5 seconds of slowly dragging, let go.
5) The trail is still there. What is it?
6) to find out, use a three-finger upward wipe; this separates all of the 
windows on the screen, so you can see them separately. Here’s what it looks 
like, for me:


There are *hundreds* of the little buggers.

This seems like it’s clearly a Bad Thing. I can’t really say whether it’s a DrR 
or a Racket thing, though.



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