Hi all,

I read through this issue:


and am in the "what is going on?" category of user when it comes to HTML
generation in Racket. What should I be using to generate responses from a
servlet? response/xexpr? Does that generate HTML I can use practically? Or,
doesn't it?

I've spent a lot of time in the last few days chasing the generation of
TOTP URIs for use with apps like Authy/FreeOTP/etc. I finally realized that
I'm passing strings like


to the Javascript layer for QR encoding. This looks bad to me.

What is the best way to generate HTML from the webserver? I don't care
about XML vs. HTML; I just want the fastest path to writing a small web
application that solves a problem that I have, and part of that means
easily generating HTML that does what I expect when I generate it. That is,

                    (div ((id "QRCODE")))
                    (script ((type "text/javascript"))
                            ,(format "new
QRCode(document.getElementById('QRCODE'), '~a');"
                                     (generate-otp-uri email secret)))))

seems not to do what I expect, which in this case is causing some rather
subtle challenges to chase down. ("Why does my test for TOTP encoding pass
*here*, and generate numbers that match *this* app when I enter data by
hand, but fail in the same app when I read the QR code that I generated...")

Pointers to relevant documentation appreciated.


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