Hi all - happy new year Racketeers!

For the last two years, we've been thinking about making programming 
accessible for differently-abled students. We're focusing first on students 
with visual and sensorimotor impairments, by building an editor that allows 
students to navigate and modify the AST itself (rather than text). The 
editor implements a subset of Advanced Student Language, and we're looking 
to run some user studies in the weeks ahead. If you're curious, you can 
turn on your screenreader and play with it 
<https://codemirror-blocks-pr-100.herokuapp.com/fullscheme.html>. Note: 
Editing is Not Yet Done (expect bugs!), but we're ready to test navigation 
for now.

*That's where you come in.* 

I'm looking for sample programs that meet the following criteria:
- Should be restricted to Advanced Student Language, but without local, case, 
shared, match-patterns, or any quoted, quasiquoted or unquoted expressions
- Should have at least 3-4 levels of nesting, somewhere in the program.
- Should be at least 40+ LOC
- Should have at least one expression that is evaluated only if *multiple* 
conditions are satisfied

Got any files, projects, or classroom assignments lying around that might 
fit the bill? Feel free to email programs, suggestions, etc to 

Thanks in advance!

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