On Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 5:54:44 PM UTC-5, Alexis King wrote:
> Based on your question, why not just use dynamic-wind in combination 
> with with-handlers? Just keep in mind that the post-thunk could be 
> called multiple times if there is a continuation jump into value-thunk, 
> so you should also wrap the whole thing with 
> call-with-continuation-barrier if it’s important that the post-thunk 
> only be executed once. 
> Alexis 

I was thinking about using `dynamic-wind` but indeed was worried about 
post-thunk being called multiple times. Wrapping with 
`call-with-continuation-barrier` sounds like the right thing to do.

Additionally, the note from Matthias lead me to realize that 
`call-with-exception-handler` is supposed to receive an actual thunk as its 
second argument and `with-handlers` most definitely isn't one. Moving it 
into a thunk resolved the problem so that means in my erroneous code 
`with-handlers` was being evaluated before `call-with-exception-handler` 
even has a chance to install the handler and see the raised exceptions.

Now I just have to think some more about which avenue I want to use.

Thank you for your suggestion!

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