I'm trying to understand the use of the prop:impersonator-of struct
property, but the following program doesn't work the way I would have

#lang racket

(struct our-impersonate-proc (f orig)
 #:property prop:impersonator-of (lambda (x) (displayln 'hi)
(our-impersonate-proc-orig x))
 #:property prop:procedure (struct-field-index f))

  (our-impersonate-proc add1 values)

The call to impersonator-of? doesn't seem to go through our
prop:impersonator-of at all because we don't 'hi displayed when the program
is run.

Am I misunderstanding the way to use prop:impersonator-of ? I don't fully
understand the documentation, so it's possible this isn't something that
prop:impersonator-of is intended for.


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