I have got racket-minimal 6.12 into Nix, and it builds properly on 
aarch64-linux and on x86_64-darwin (MacOS). AArch64 probably hasn't had a 
racket before (I haven't checked), and Nix/MacOS has been without a working 
racket since it was bumped to 6.10 last August (which broke it because 6.10 
needed some previously unnecessary MacOS frameworks and nobody fixed that).

However, I can't get the full racket to build, because I'm getting errors 
when it's parsing a scribble file:

raco setup: --- summary of errors ---
raco setup: error: during building docs for 
raco setup:   examples: exception raised in example
raco setup:     error: "bytes-convert: contract violation\n  expected: 
bytes-converter?\n  given: #f\n  argument position: 1st\n  other 
arguments...:\n   #\"ABCD\""

I haven't checked whether this file is special or if it's simply the first 
file in line to break things.

Any idea what might be causing this? The lack of a stack trace makes this 
feel like a tricky thing to track down without prior knowledge of the code 
base. The racket community has obviously been able to build native DrRacket 
for MacOS (the Nix build is --enable-xonx), so we know it's possible as far 
as racket is concerned.

I'm currently testing whether 6.9 still builds and if it doesn't, I'll git 
bisect through nixpkgs to see what broke it. So let's hope it breaks. :-)

For more discussion and details, see 
https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/34576 .


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