I am trying to get a macro working to generate an automatic testsuite. I
have shrank my example to:
#lang racket

(define-syntax (gen-testsuite stx)
  (syntax-case stx ()
    [(_ n)
        "Automated suite"
        #,@(for/list ([i (syntax->datum #'n)])
                (format "Test number ~a" i)
                (check = i i))))]))

(require rackunit

 (gen-testsuite 100))

This should generate a test-suite that can then be wrapped in run-tests.
It should example to something like:
   "Automated suite"
   (test-case "Test number 1" (check = 1 1))
   (test-case "Test number 2" (check = 2 2))
   (test-case "Test number 3" (check = 3 3))

This fails because the i in the body of the test case does not exist at
run-time. I understand why this is failing. However if I try to replace
the i by #,(syntax->datum #'i) it also fails. My feeling is that I need
to introduce a new template variable, which I would generally do with
with-syntax however I am not sure how to integrate this with the
for/list expression.

Paulo Matos

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