Hello, everyone!

I'm trying to get an output port to display text to both the error port and 
a text% object every time there's an error or an `eprintf` is called. Now, 
I have already accomplished this by using `make-output-port`, but I had 
decided to try and use `open-output-text-editor` instead just for gits and 
shiggles. In the procedure documentation it shows that it takes a lambda 
labeled "special filter", so I figured I'd hijack this lambda to then 
fprintf to the error port, but for whatever reason it seems that all 
printing that is done from inside that special filter's scope is sent 

I have tried the following, but without any success:
(define old-out (current-output-port))
; now inside special filter's scope
(lambda (s) (fprintf old-out "foo") s)

There must be something I'm missing, but there's not much in the docs that 
would help me.

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