Hi all,

I have noticed that some recent PRs have failed the Travis CI build step
seemingly due to unrelated, perhaps infrastructure-y, problems. e.g. The PR
I submitted, via a Github edit that fixes a typo in a comment, failed the
tests on one target with a tcp-connect timeout error (errno=60).

Of course, only PRs that pass the build will be reviewed by others and then
possibly merged into the Racket source proper. And so, using the Github web
interface, I looked in vain for some option to "re-build" my stalled PR,
ending up accidentally closing the PR. When I reopened and resubmitted the
PR, the build proceeded and completed successfully (and the PR was then
merged, thanks Vincent).

Is there a better procedure (other than close/open/resubmit PR) to redo a
build that failed?

Is there some way to get a "build failed" message automatically sent to the
PR submitter? I only noticed that my PR's build had failed by looking on
Github manually, a step that others may not think to perform; I did a quick
look at some of the other PRs with build failures and see several with
similar issues to mine.



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