I started receiving weird errors while installing packages (any package I 
tested so far)

The error below was returned while installing package - my local time was 
around 0:44 at the time:

> compile-zo: date for newly created .zo file 
@ 2018-3-28 1:44:0) is before source-file date 
(C:\Users\Grzegorz\AppData\Roaming\Racket\6.12\pkgs\pollen-count\info.rkt @ 
2018-3-28 2:43:58), which appears to be in the future

I am just running "raco setup" and it looks like one pure mess with these 
errors and their consequences.

Any ideas what could have caused it? I will probably have to do a fresh 
install of Racket unless there is another way.


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