Hi, all.

As part of a DSL, I want to provide a shortcut to define a thing from inside an 
expression. For a minimal example, instead of writing

    (define a 1)
    (+ 2 a)

I can write this:

    (+ 2 (lift-define a 1))

To implement this, I see the most direct way is to use 
syntax-local-lift-module-end-declaration, except it imposes some restrictions 
to forbid such use: "If the current expression being transformed is in phase 
level 0 and not in the module top-level, then stx is eventually expanded in an 
expression context.”

Is there any reason for this restriction?

Alternatively, I can use syntax-local-lift-module or wrap #%module-begin, but 
both are unsatisfactory for my use case.


Yucheng Zhang

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