> On Apr 15, 2018, at 6:41 AM, Said <diallo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am studying your books; I am learning a lot. Thank you for what you are 
> doing for the community.
> Which books would you recommend as replacements for HtDComponents and 
> HtDSystems ?

No, otherwise I might not write them. And when I write them, I may fail. What 
most of my colleagues don’t understand is that writing these books is research 
(on programming). 

> I read that you are working on HtDP 3e. HtDP is a fantastic book as it is! I 
> wonder if most Racket users wouldn't prefer to acquire new knowledge in 
> HtDComponents and HtDSystems rather than study a new version of an already 
> excellent HTDP ? For the majority of us who haven't been fortunate enough to 
> study directly under your direction or the direction of Master Racketeers 
> (Racket contributors), we are deprived of a lot in terms of knowledge and 
> experience. I am jealous of your padawans to whom you may have imparted some 
> of that precious knowledge. Perhaps (I hope not !), by the time they are 
> published, they won't be as useful to me as they could be today (or the next 
> years)... Maybe Master Racketeers or some of your lucky padawans could 
> consider writing a Realm of Systems and a Realm of Components ?
> This is not a critique; it is a plea for knowledge. Would a petition for 
> HtDComponents and HtDSystems change their timelines ? [ Joking I am ;-) ]

Those Padawans aren’t as happy as you are when they take courses, only when the 
courses are over and they realize that they trained themselves to let go of 
everything they feared to lose. But some still go on to the dark side. 

— Yoda, 2e 

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