On Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 2:08:02 PM UTC+8, gneuner2 wrote:
> Hi Alex, 
> So I guess the 1st question to answer is: does the GDI object have the 
> correct parent HWND?  [The Racket dialog% object has a parent, but does 
> the underlying display object?]   If it does, there's something weird 
> going on in finding the right window to switch to. 

I had a look at the application windows using Spy++ and all three windows 
(the main frame and the two dialog ones) are toplevel windows, as expected; 
however they are linked together as GetNextWindow/GetPreviousWindow 
correctly.  Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with Windows GDI 
programming, but I will try to trace the messages to the windows themselves.

Also, if I only open the first dialog, than close it, the main frame does 
not go to the bottom of the window stack...

Thanks for looking into this.


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