SRFI 54 - ever need a 4-character "thousands" separator? Bharat has units 
called lakhs & crores, instead of thousands 

I think there was a numberphile episode on it.  French, Dutch, Babylonian, 
Indian ... 

Just one of the things I needed recently; I've used a bunch of SRFI 54 
features over the last little while.   ~r didn't do it for me. 

'(#\, 2))  is the separator spec.

(cat 13412312.345612456 '(#\, 2)) ;"13,41,23,12.34,56,12,45,5"
(cat 13412312.345612456 '(#\, 3)2.); "13,412,312.35"

On Monday, May 7, 2018 at 7:46:30 PM UTC-4, johnbclements wrote:
> Okay, how many times have I written the function that accepts 1.237472387 
> and returns “1.24” ? What do you folks use? I see that SRFI 54 covers this 
> use case, and a lot of others besides. Is this the most commonly used 
> package for formatting numbers? 
> John 

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