Hi, I'm having trouble writing a syntax transformer that uses a 
syntax-generating procedure defined elsewhere.

When the procedure is defined locally, everything is fine.

When the procedure is defined outside the transformer, I have to do a dance 
to make the procedure visible at the right phase, which seems to work.  
However, upon use I get:

> racket unbound-identifier.rkt
unbound-identifier.rkt:9:7: lambda: unbound identifier;
 also, no #%app syntax transformer is bound
   #(1973 module unbound-identifier 0) #(2181 module) #(2811 macro) #(2822 
   #(2823 intdef) #(2824 module (unbound-identifier utilities) -1)
  other binding...:
   #(1972 module) #(1973 module unbound-identifier 0)
  at: lambda
  in: (lambda (i) (displayln (quasiquote (input: (unquote input)))))

I wrote this self-contained example using a submodule, but the error also 
occurs when requiring the module from another file.  What am I doing 
wrong?  I imagine it's something silly.

#lang racket
(provide this-works this-does-not-work)

(module utilities racket/base
  (provide compile-test)

  (define (compile-test)
    #`(lambda (i) (displayln `(input: ,input)))))

(require (for-syntax 'utilities))

(define-syntax (this-works stx)
  (syntax-case stx ()
    ((_ input)
     (let ()
       (define (compile-test)
         #`(lambda (i) (displayln `(input: ,input))))

       #`(#,(compile-test) input)))))

(define-syntax (this-does-not-work stx)
  (syntax-case stx ()
    ((_ input to-do ...)
     (let ()

       #`(#,(compile-test) input)))))

(this-works 3)
(this-does-not-work 3)

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