On 05/27/2018 03:10 PM, Matthew Flatt wrote:
Hi Dmitry,

At Sun, 27 May 2018 14:21:27 +0300, Dmitry Pavlov wrote:
We do not expect Racket users to see a big difference between Racket
v6.12 and Racket v7.0.

I once saw in some text file that extflonums will not make it to Racket on
Will they be available in Racket 7.0?

Yes. Although we hope to replace the current runtime system with Chez
Scheme for the main distribution, the current runtime system will stay
supported as an alternative, and it will always support extflonums.

OK, thanks.

What will happen to the performance of expander, though?
IIUC, the present C expander will be gone in Racket 7 and replaced
with a new expander written in Racket. While Chez runtime
users will enjoy the Racket performance boost that will
compensate for the change of expander from C to Racket,
the users that opt for the old runtime will notice a slowdown
of expander because it is no longer managed by C but by
old (slower) Racket. Is that correct?

Best regards,


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