At Sun, 27 May 2018 15:42:28 +0300, Dmitry Pavlov wrote:
> What will happen to the performance of expander, though?
> IIUC, the present C expander will be gone in Racket 7 and replaced
> with a new expander written in Racket. While Chez runtime
> users will enjoy the Racket performance boost that will
> compensate for the change of expander from C to Racket,
> the users that opt for the old runtime will notice a slowdown
> of expander because it is no longer managed by C but by
> old (slower) Racket. Is that correct?

Expansion in Racket v7 takes 1.5x-2x as long as the old expander.
There's some improvement over the times that I reported before in

For example, `racket -cl racket/base` now takes under 3 seconds instead
of 3.4 seconds, and `racket -cl racket` takes about 32 seconds instead
of 38.

But the new expander runs at about the same speed in both Racket v7 and
Racket-on-Chez. It's possible that the expander will eventually run
faster in Racket-on-Chez, but it's equally possible that we'll find
ways to make it run faster on both.

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