Hi all,

Still working the koans project and am hitting a design snag. My expected
UX is that you clone the repo, run racket koans/all.rkt, and then see
nothing but failing unit tests for you to fix.  But since some exercises
have unbound module identifiers
<https://github.com/zyrolasting/racket-koans/blob/master/koans/structs.rkt> or
related errors, an abort prevents rackunit from printing a full report.

"Well Sage, why don't you write tests that actually *run*?" Great question!
But if you look at that linked module you can see what I think is a clear,
concise exercise where checking in unbound identifiers seemed reasonable at
the time. I wanted someone to see that Racket was generating all of these
identifiers and write the corresponding struct definition.

After wresting with various combinations of (with-handlers), (check-exn),
(fail), (module), and (call/prompt), I found that modules too picky about
where they are defined for me to simply catch an unbound identifier error,
and I wasn't liking how much noise I might be introducing in the koan

I'm starting to think writing these kind of exercises in a friendly way is
only possible with macros, but before I go that far, is it possible for me
to catch a module-level unbound identifier error and print a rackunit
failure outright *without *distracting the student?

I'd appreciate feedback on the design here too, since I have to pick a
direction to handle this kind of problem project-wide.


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