> My question is: is the way I'm writing things considered to be bad
> style?  It feels like a hangover from more imperative-style programming
> & the inclination to do one thing "per line".  On the other hand, it
> often helps readability.

I invariably write my code like this. I just think it's easier to
understand two years later. I have a few let-like macros for this reason.
1) print-let /print-let*, for printf-debugging of let forms. 2) andlet /
andlet*, for stopping binding evaluation in a let when the value to bind is
#f (then the whole 'let' expression is #f). Sometimes I use internal
'define's instead, based on feel for heavily-indented code. I rarely try to
write a complicated expression directly without some kind of explanatory
setup. I have tinkered with some other 'let'-like forms but these two in
particular are really useful.


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