(define image-box
  (new canvas% [parent frame]
       [min-width 300]
       [min-height 300]))

I'm still trying to figure out how the racket/gui library works but I'm 
having some difficulty understanding how to have an image fill a canvas.

I'd like for instance to have a canvas in my gui that is 300x300 and have 
any image I load resized to fit those dimensions.

                    (send (send image-box get-dc)
                      (read-bitmap (string->path (send list-box get-string 
                      0 0))))))

Here I have some quickly thrown together code for selecting a list of 
pathnames to images from a list-box.  The images are all different sizes 
and usually end up exceeding the canvas size.

I've looked around the documentation, especially in the racket/draw module 
but I can't find anything beyond a "scale" which doesn't really seem all 
that helpful.  If anyone knows how to change images to certain sizes that'd 
be helpful.  I tried looking at racket/pict too but that doesn't seem to 
have anyway to absolutely set a image's dimensions.


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