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>Are you sure that's a wise choice of license?

I don't like either the GPL or LGPL.
But as a technical matter ...

>Racket does not dynamically link to Racket libraries when applications
>are deployed as compiled executables - as far as I can see, the
>standard module system does not link dynamically in the sense required
>by the LGPL(*). 

You can dynamic-require a .zo (object) file.  

I think the real question here is whether Racket's dynamic-require is
sufficient to meet the requirements of the LGPL license.  From a
purely technical viewpoint, dynamic-require (and even normal require
for that matter) has similarities to library linking in [more]
conventional languages.

I'm not a lawyer, so I am not competent to answer the question.

Unfortunately I doubt the GNU folks even considered the needs of Lisp
or similar languages in formulating the LGPL, even though RMS cut his
teeth working on Lisp.

>Therefore, LGPL doesn't allow anyone to distribute his
>or her Racket application as compiled executable without making the
>source code available on request, too, whenever that source code was
>made with an LGPL Racket library. So for users of your library, LGPL
>is pretty much equivalent to GPL. They have to provide the source
>code, or the program has to load the library with dynamic require at
>runtime, if that's possible at all.

YMMV, but I think this is debatable.


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