Dear Racketeers, 

Racket has just received the

   2018 ACM SIGPLAN Software Systems Award

We are honored by this award, but it belongs to more than the core
group of people named in the citation. Many people have invested time
and energy into this language.

        The language is what it is now because of you.

Looking back at the modest beginnings in January 1995, we want to
acknowledge some contributors specially: 

  John Clements, for constructing the incredible stepper back in the
     late 90s and thus helping distinguish DrScheme from all other
     pedagogic IDEs, for maintaining the beast for 20 years, and
     taking on many other library projects;

  Cormac Flanagan, for using PLT Scheme to create MrSpidey, which
     placed our little language into the web of SIGPLAN research and
     awareness way way back;

  Matthew Butterick for "Beautiful Racket", code, languages, volunteer
     teaching, and faithful evangelizing;

  Vincent St-Amour, Ryan Culpepper, Paul Steckler, and Mark Krentel
     for managing the Racket world of software for many years;

  and Vincent also for his tender love and care for RacketCon.

Many, many others have contributed to Racket over the past two decades
through implementation, teaching, and research. We have collected many
names at the end of this post, but our memories are probably flawed
and, in recent years, the contributor community has grown
tremendously. This doesn't mean we aren't thinking of you and thanking
you today --- and not just today, but every time we launch our
wonderful DrRacket and run beautiful Racket programs.

THANK YOU ALL. We are looking forward to many more years of

- Matthew with Eli, Matthias, Robby, Shriram, Jay, and Sam 

Contributors: Claire Alvis, Leif Andersen, Yavuz Arkun, Ian Barland,
Gann Bierner, Stephen Bloch, Filipe Cabecinhas, Corky Cartwright,
Stephen Chang, Richard Cleis, Richard Cobbe, Greg Cooper, Christos
Dimoulas, Eric Dobson, Carl Eastlund, Moy Easwaran, Will Farr, Dan
Feltey, Michael Filonenko, Burke Fetscher, Kathi Fisler, Spencer
Florence, Daniel Friedman, Tony Garnock-Jones, Sebastian Good, Paul
Graunke, Kathy Gray, Ben Greenman, Dan Grossman, Arjun Guha, Dave
Gurnell, Tobias Hammer, William Hatch, Bruce Hauman, Greg Hendershott,
Dave Herman, Jim Hollan, Blake Johnson, Andrew Kent, Gregor Kiczales,
Alexis King, Casey Klein, Alex Knauth, Geoffrey S. Knauth, Mario
Latendresse, Xiangqi Li, Guillaume Marceau, Gustavo Massaccesi, Jacob
Matthews, Mike T. McHenry, Philippe Meunier, Albert Meyer, Scott
Owens, David T. Pierson, Jon Rafkind, Prabhakar Ragde, Norman Ramsey,
Jamie Raymond, Grant Rettke, Guido Rößling, Emmanuel Schanzer, Paul
Schlie, Dorai Sitaram, Francisco Solsona, Sarah Spall, Mike Sperber,
Stevie Strickland, James Swaine, Jens Axel Søgaard, Neil Van Dyke,
David Van Horn, Anton van Straaten, Asumu Takikawa, Kevin Tew, Neil
Toronto, Milo Turner, Dale Vaillancourt, Dimitris Vyzovitis, Mitch
Wand, Stephanie Weirich, Noel Welsh, Adam Wick, Danny Yoo, Shu-Hung
You, and ChongKai Zhu.

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