I’m currently supporting about 100 users in a PL class using the handin server 
and writing their programs in Typed Racket. This load is really wrecking my 
VPS. I upgraded to a larger VPS, and I’m still getting many users timing out. 
The problem is that although this is an 8-core machine, racket is just running 
the handin server on just one of them.

Has anyone looked into using places to allow handin to be distributed? I 
suppose the alternative would be to run four or eight standalone server 
processes and use proxying at the HTTP level to connect to the servers. I don’t 
really know which would be better/less work.

Also, because I just thought of it: would it make any sense to shift the burden 
to the user’s computer by designing the handin server to accept a compiled .zo 
file? Or is it more difficult to sandbox a compiled .zo file than source text?

Any opinions appreciated

Many thanks,


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