using #lang Plait, I have defined these two types:

(define-type Property
  (property [name : Symbol]
            [value : (Boxof Symbol)]))

(define-type Tag
   [name : String]
   [id : String]
   [properties : (Listof Property)]
   [value : Content-Type]
   [children : (Boxof (Listof Tag))]))

I also defined an instances of types Property and Tag as follows:

(define r (property 'color (box 'red)))
(define b (property 'color (box 'blue)))
(define g (property 'color (box 'green)))
(define s (property 'size (box '50s)))

(define t2 (tag "div" "2"
                (list r s)
                (text "This is a text")
                (box empty)))

(define t3 (tag "div" "3"
                (text "This is a text")
                (box empty)))

(define t1 (tag "div" "1"
                (list r s)
                (text "This is a text")
                (box (list t2 t3))))

Now, I want to define a function (insert-tags-in-tag : Tag -> (Listof Tag) 
->Tag), that, say, inserts t2 and t3 in t1 as children.
I can do that, if I know how to access children field of the Tag type.

The signature of my function is:
(define (insert-tags-in-tag (t1  (list t2 t3))

I can't make the implementation of the (...), as I am trying to see if 
Plait provides an accessor function for the fields. Otherwise, I guess, I 
will need to implement my own interp. 
I think I searched the documentation, but couldn't find mention for such a 

Appreciate your help.

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